Enhance Shaman Leveling Spec (MoP 5.4)

This is the most optimal Enhancement Shaman Leveling Spec for 5.4If you have any questions or suggestions on the build, please let me know.

Note: If you’re looking for a easy way to learn your rotation
Click Here For An Addon with Pre-Made 5.4 Rotations


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Level 15 – Stone Bulwark Totem
This will help you in just about every situation. The less we stop to heal, the more time we save leveling.


Level 30 – Frozen Power
Great ability to have for those pesky runners. Plus you can use it for defense if you have to many enemies on you. Just Frost Shock the strongest one, then take out the adds while the enemy is immobilized.


Level 45 – Totemic Projection
This is by far the best tier 3 talent for leveling. Totemic Restoration is a waste since mobs won’t be killing your totems, and Call of the Elements has way to long of a cooldown for what it does. At least this way you can move your totems while you fights mobs over and over again.


Level 60 – Echo of the Elements
Great way to simplify your rotation while leveling. Ancestral Swiftness is also a great talent, but most of the time you won’t need the instant heals or damage from it.


Level 75 – Conductivity
I’m not sure why they didn’t have any good soloing talents for this tier (every other class does), but this is kinda what your stuck with. It’s the best you can get for tier 5.


Level 90 – Unleashed Fury
This is pretty much the obvious choice for the last few Mists zones after you hit 90, but of course this one is totally up to you.


If you’re having trouble figuring out your Rotation, or just need a more advanced one, then check out the addon I use called Edge. It will show you how to set-up your talents, what glyphs to use, and detailed rotations for leveling, pvp, and raiding.

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